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Whether you are just starting out in your career, thinking about the next steps to take, or even contemplating how to retire, April can help you make some of the choices and the pathway easier. By looking into the future, and working through the reasons things have happened from the past, you will be offered a look into a depth of knowledge and wisdom about yourself and your career.  
April offers the tools to help you prepare the path, and your individual plan.
Sage Wisdom From April: Topic How April works with Careers Enhancement and Corporations
40+ yrs. of. Experence - OfferingsWisdom - Psychic / Medium
April Sheerin, Director of New Awakenings has 40 years of astonishing knowledge and experience. In part of April's sacred contract lies a unquestionable, passionate desire to fulfill the prophesy of creating heaven on earth. With the help of other experienced teachers at New Awakenings, these concepts of bringing heaven to earth may be realized in the near future.  
Along with many innate gifts, April came into this life with the ability to interpret multi- dimensional knowledge. Having clear-knowing-ness, April has been gifted as clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. In addition, this powerful healer channels energy using tools from several different healing modalities and all combined makes her a true Mystic.  
Over many years April has studied with her Angels and has been guided to take specific courses and certifications that have aided in the process of bringing forth her angelic gifts.
I work with Companies both on a personal level as well problem solving - purchasing Property - as well as individuals issues - Getting perspective on work, life, home & family - I can delve deeper into your world then most.
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